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Art is an Expression of Oneself

Visit and enjoy the luxury and style of the Art Gallery at The Brazilian Court. Featured artist at The Brazilian Court, Mark Bowles, has art pieces displayed throughout the year for purchase.

Bowles, a native of California and featured in 2004 Architectural Digest, draws inspiration from the majestic sweep and scale of the western landscape. Bowles paintings are subjective, reductively simple, and filled with blazing light and color. The result is a harmonious balance between the landscape he knows well and his passion for abstraction and the physical act of painting.

Please visit The Brazilian Court Concierge for art purchases, and take
these beautifully artful expressions home with you.

by Mark Bowles

Golden Ridge
by Mark Bowles

Inland Pasture
by Mark Bowles

Rolling Hills
by Mark Bowles

Landscape in Color
by Mark Bowles